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Post by Tales on Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:29 pm

There is a Company that announced the possibility of actual virtual reality becoming well...Reality! Some of the most brilliant minds and skillful technicians, and programmers on the planet had a hand in making this tech. They uses the most advanced technology known to man to make this system exist, and are sending invitations out to few to Beta test this new system. These lucky few will be thrown into a virtual fantasy game to help with the flaws in this new system, and they won't be just helping with the development of the game side of the system. No they will help with other possibilities the Company has for the system, that we hope can come to fruition. And all these Beta testers have to do is play through the game!
Greetings, ____________,
You have been selected to test out our brand new and world's first Virtual Reality System! You have been selected by The Company's 'Natural Selection Program'. You have the characteristic to help us turn this system into perfection, and hope that you accept our offer of a life time. Of course we won't be having you do this for free!. Once the testing is done, and we have perfected this great new technology, Each Tester will be given a copy of the game and Virtual Reality System of their very own and will each be a 1% cut at the time the Product is up on sale!
Now here's how the system works: It sinks into the conscientiousness of the player through the head gear, and pulls the person to an unconscious state where the Motor skills are deactivated. There it connected the senses of the player to the the game that he/she is going to play, making the most realistic sensation a game can ever bring. If you touch something in a game, with this system we made, you'll feel like you actually touched something. It's so precisest that you could feel the textures as well. But all things in testing have a few kinks to work out, but on't worry though, as testing commences the staff of The Company will be working constantly on maintenance to fix any problem to keep the players safe.
The Game that the selected players are going to be playing is a Fantasy Game. This game does seem like your typical Role Playing game, but the experience will be like nothing like any other RPG out there! You'll fight monsters with the best AI any game could ever give you. And the possibilities are endless. You can become a hero, a villain, king, or a legend among legends.
Now The choice is yours! Will you take part into the invention that could change the world as we know it and become some thing great within the virtual world? Or miss out on this once in a life time opportunity?

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