Disappearing Souls

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Disappearing Souls

Post by Tales on Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:59 am

Okay, so there’s like this dangerous thing that’s going around killing cats. Three cats are involved in this prophecy. They sneak and snoop around and learn what the prophecy means, and what the creature is. And they learn that it can only be destroyed on the full lunar eclipse of the moon, that only happens every thousand of years.

I'm thinking an evil wolf-like creature. And like, the creature could like kill for souls and stuff. And like it just absorbs the souls of cats it kills. And once it kills fifty cats, it goes back to the dark place it came from, trapping the souls there and using them for something evil.









Picture: (if you can)

This takes place in my Heroes of the Dark world. A little AU of it I suppose?

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