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Post by Tales on Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:03 pm

It was the year 2300, humans becoming smarter, and smarter, finding new medicines to help people live longer, trying to make the world perfect, they almost succeeded, until they made the biggest mistake in history.

After a chemical mishap in a lab during the year 2350, ten humans were turned into what are referred to as hunsters. (Human and Monster combine-) Five of them turned into human/dog-like creatures of the dog family, five of the cat variety. Humans were terrified, the government, instantly ordered them to be killed, but, they escaped, as time went on the hybrids bred and created more of them, now there is a new species, though they have always had to live in hiding, they were seen as monsters. Now it is the year 3000, the Hunster population has gone down, drastically, thousands being killed everyday, now human wants to be seen helping them, or is there?

You are either a Human or a Hunster, you are wanted for either being suspected of helping a Hunster (human) or you are a Hunster, hiding underground, constantly moving, avoiding the threats of humanity. You are trying to find a place, a place only heard in legends, a place called Nekinu. It is rumored that there is an island, just west of America, the Legend says that two of the first Hunsters sailed this way, finding an island that only appeared during a full moon, this place can only be walked on by Hunsters, and Humans that have pure intentions.

If you are part of the dog family hybrid your animal part can be:

​-House Dog (Beagles, Great Danes, ya know, dogs you normally see around someone's home)

If you are part of the cat family hybrid your animal part can be:

-House Cat (Same as house dogs, but cats)





Appearance: (A picture or detail works.)

Power: (Humans can have a special power as well)

Weapon: (Optional.)




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